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Micro Rings Hair Extensions
Removing keratin bond hair extensions

Need to remove?

While salons are closed during lockdown, you will need to remove your hair extensions for the safety of your scalp and the hair extensions.  Outlined below is advice and tips to help you and you can keep the hair in a safe place till the Fine to Fabulous Salon is open and we can book you in for a fitting appointment.

Removing Tape Extensions 

You will need tape adhesive remover, available from Fine to Fabulous Salon or online.  A metal pin tail comb.  

1) Spray the remover along the top of the tape, leaving for 3-5mins to soak inside the extension.

2) Use the metal pin of the comb to ease open the tape extension, try to keep the tape tab on the extension.  Do not leave in hair, as will make it alot more difficult to remove the hair.

3) Spray more remover on the tape. Once top extension has come off, ease off the bottom extension.

4) You may find there is some build up, this can be combed out. You will have some hair coming out, dont worry this is hair that has shedded but been inside the extension.

Removing tape hair extensions
Tape Hair Extensions Remover
Pin tail comb for tape extensions

Removing Micro Rings Extensions 

You will need have pilers and a comb.  

1) Use the pilers to ease each ring open, be careful not to bend the ring.  

2) The extension strand should slide out.  Remove and discard the ring. 

3) Comb out any build up, keep the extensions in a pot or bag and they can be fitted.

Removing micro ring extensions
Removing nano and micro ring hair extensions

Removing Keratin Bond Extensions 

You will need have keratin bond remover, pilers and a comb  

1) Drip the remover onto the keratin bond and rub in well.  This should slowly dissolve the keratin bond.  Do this on all the extension bonds.  

2) Go back to the first extension and use the pilers to break down the bond.  The bond should break up, use more remover till completely broken down and the extension slides off the hair. 

3) Comb out any build up, remove any lose bond carefully but keeping the strand intact.

4) Keep the extensions in a pot or bag and they can be fitted again

Removing keratin bond hair extensions
Hair Extension Remover
Removing keratin bond hair extensions


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