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Choose by method of application and

professional brand of extensions,

Beauty Works, Remi Cachet,

Balmain Hair, Zen 

Fitted by experienced, qualified hairdressers


Blonde Hair Extensions
blonde hair extensions
Brown Hair Extensions
Brown Hair Extensions

Extensions by Application Method

There is a variety of hair extensions methods that suit several types and hairstyles.

Tape-in hair extensions – Injection 14″ to 22″ – Slimline – 14″ – 24″ lengths

Micro rings / Mini Links – 12″ – 24″ lengths

Nano rings – 18″ – 24″ lengths

Keratin Bonds – 12″ – 24″ lengths

Twin Tabs – 16″, 20″ lengths

Clip-ins – various lengths

Extensions by Brand

If you know your hair extensions brands, we can supply and fit these fabulous luxury brands, Balmain Hair, Beauty Works, Remi Cachet and Zen,

Easilocks Memory Hair.  We can colour match your hair with these brands in the salon.


Extensions for Hair Type/Style

Long are the days the hair extensions are only to achieve long, long hair that may not be particular for your lifestyle.  Although if you are looking for the longest hair possible?  We can cater for both.  The professional brands we use come in lengths from 12″ to 24″. 

So if it’s to fill out the sides of your hair or make a long bob fuller, add extra length and fullness to your hair.  We can discuss this at your consultation.  There are also many colours on the market to achieve some highlights, blonder pieces, or go for a new colour as we can colour your natural hair to your most wanted desires.  Please note, for the best results your natural hair needs to be at least chin length to achieve a natural look. 

We will also assess your scalp and hair condition to make sure extensions are suitable to you.

Visit Fine to Fabulous Salon 

Whether you know what you want, been wearing hair extensions for a while or completely new to this fabulous way to enhance, give a little help or have dramatic long, fuller hair.  Visit the Fine to Fabulous Salon for a FREE consultation with one of our friendly qualified hairdressers.  We will discuss your requirements, which application would suit you and show you how the extensions are fitted.

We have samples of the hair extensions in many colours to match and blend the perfect colour to your natural hair. We will explain the maintenance, aftercare and if you need additional colour or cut to your natural hair to create the style you are looking.

If you have your own hair, we can remove and fit your hair extensions. Please enquire at the salon. 


Fine to Fabulous Hair Extensions Salon

Free Hair Extension Consultation

Book in at the Fine to Fabulous Salon for a Free consultation to discuss the best hair extensions for you.  Receive all the information you need before committing.  You can see the methods of application and the range of colours to choose from you. The samples of real Remy Hair can be matched to your hair colour and if you need hair colour we can discuss the options.  A maintenance and aftercare plan will be set out ensuring you have the best hair extensions and prolong the life of them.  To book a Free Consultation, send us a message from this link.

Molly Mae Curl Kit by Beauty Works

Molly Mae Curl Kit by Beauty Works

Beauty Works Molly-Mae Waver Kit   This Limited Edition collaboration with Molly-Mae contains the Beauty Works Professional Styler in limited edition Pink. Complete with ten pin curl clips to prep and set waves. Finish your waves with the white paddle brush, designed...

Why its more than ok to wear hair extensions

Why its more than ok to wear hair extensions

Nothing wrong with hair extensions Let’s face it: Sometimes we all wish to change our look, be it shorter or a different colour, but if you are looking for longer fuller hair but have some pre-concieved ideas.  Will they look fake?  be     I’m sure everyone...

Removing hair extensions at home

Removing hair extensions at home

Need to remove? While salons are closed during lockdown, you will need to remove your hair extensions for the safety of your scalp and the hair extensions.  Outlined below is advice and tips to help you and you can keep the hair in a safe place till the Fine to...